Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're flying baby we're flying!

When I was a paratrooper we would get alerted everynow and again and sometimes it would just be a recall formation to make sure that we could assemble for deployment in the prescribed 2 hours. Once and a while the call up would lead to a training mission that involved a parachute jump. We would anxiously wait outside in the formation area for the word, when it was a "go" for a drop my platoon sargeant would smile real big and say:"We're flyin' baby, we're flyin'".

Now some 15 years later we're "flyin' " to Ukraine to hopefully adopt Laurel. I appreciate everyone's prayers, kind words and generosity that have made all of this possible. I am awestruck at your kindness. I felt that this was a bad time to do this due to the "recession" but you all have proven that the Lord works without the restraints of a bad economy and has done an amazing work through His body. Thank you al again and we are deeply moved by your many actions of love and kindness. "...Behold how they love one another..."

Please pray for Noah while we are gone, he has been breaking out in hives and I am afraid it is his anxiety about us leaving. Just pray that the Lord comfort his heart and pray for his grandparents while we are gone as they will be the one's to comfort and entertain him.

May the Lord return to you ten fold what you have given to us. Laurel is very fortunate to have an extended family like you.

"God be with you till we meet again"

The aircraft is a Ukranian Su-27 one of my favorite fighters


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