Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Tookie Monk"

Southerners always give thier kids pet names or nicknames that don't always have rhyme or reason, sometimes a name just fits and it follows them forever (If you have one of these names you know what I'm talking about). Noah's nickname started out as "hoot" because he made little owl noises when he was a baby, but somehow "hoot" just didn't quite suit him. A few weeks later the name "tookie monk" came out and now its the chosen term of endearment for Noah, and believe it or not he likes when dad calls him that. The "Monk" part is pronounced like "Maunk"

The hardest part about leaving is missing my little "tookie monk" and all of his little phrases and habits. Not to mention stepping on his trains in the middle of the night or sleeping on the last 5 inches of the bed when he crawls into sleep with us every once in a while. I can't wait to get back and take him on his first camping trip. Noah will be the best big brother for Laurel. I can't wai to see them running around and playing together.


THE BUGMAN said...

Me too to ALL of that. I'll miss my tookus!! My nickname was/is to my Daddy.... "Roo".

babyarnie said...

That was your wife who posted that last comment by the way. Ooops.

NANA said...

I love his nickname "Tookie Monk",,,suits him perfectly - "dat-dat"..Nana