Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

I delivered my second sermon this past Sunday for Veterans Day with the help of my good friend John who is going to Iraq next year. It was an exciting time for both of us and John did a great job describing how God protected him the first time he went to Iraq. The church was full and many got to hear how the Lord looks after us in times of danger. Veterans Day is an important day to honor those who served in times of war and those who helped maintain the peace. If you know a Veteran call them and thank them for their service. It is the least we can do.

I served with the 82nd Airborne Division from 1991-94, I never saw a day of combat but was honored to serve with such an elite group of soldiers. "Airborne,All The Way"
Vietnam Veteran at the Wall in Washington DC. Alot of these men did not get the respect the deserved when they came home. These men fought bravely in a very difficult war with little support from their nation. If you know a Vietnam Veteran thank them for their service. I feel that these Veterans have never recieved an appropriate "Welcome Home" and a kind word of thanks spoken to them would mean alot to them.

Marines in WWII moving a fellow Marine who has been killed in battle. The Marines fought a tough campaign in the Pacific against the Japanese. Thier ferocity in battle helped them to maintain their reputation as one of the toughest fighting forces in our country. One of my favorite books "With the Old Breed" by Eugene Sledge gives a good account of the war in the Pacific.

There aren't many WW2 veterans around any more. If you get the chance to talk to one you should. Listening to their stories will make you appreciate the sacrifices that they made to insure our freedoms. I know a few and make an effort to thank them when I see them. They really appreciate it.