Thursday, June 5, 2008


We were recently driving through my hometown and we took some pictures of some old railway stations and trains. I have always been fascinated by them and love to watch them going by with their long trail of boxcars. My dad was a railroad engineer and we used to go to the railroad yard and my dad would let me ride in the locomotive with him while he put a train together before he would leave and drive it to its destination. With gas prices rising there will probably be an increase in rail transport over the coming years. I have relative who recently retired from the RR and he said that the RR can move a ton of whatever is being shipped 400 miles on one gallon of diesel fuel. If youve never travelled by rail you should try it, its a great way to see the country. When my sister and I were children my parents would put us on the train and we would go visit relatives. My dad new the conductors and they looked after us as we traveled and made sure that we got off at the right stop. It was always a good time.
" And the sons of pullman porters, and the sons of engineers, ride their fathers magic carpets made of steel"
from the son "City of New Orleans" by Steve Goodman


kareng said...

I rode a few when I was little. It was a great way to meet people and not get too bored! ( you could go to the bathroom whenever and not have to wait for Dad to pull over after 10hrs!) Trains are pretty cool.

Elizabeth said...

I've never been on a train...or a plane.

Clay Eals said...

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babyarnie said...

Well Elizabeth, when I get some time and get my medical exam for my pilots license renewed I will take you flying, as for the train, there is a railroad close by that makes short trips. I will tell you about it Sunday. It may be a good place to take some pictures.

I am Joy. said...

Jerry and I rode to Charlotte in the glass topped passenger car many years ago. It was very cool. I had never ridden on a train, but he rode lots when he worked in England. Trains are very cool!

Elizabeth said...

Wait, was that Mike or Martha?

babyarnie said...

Ha!! That was Mike signed in as me!!

Rachael said...

My granddaddy rode on the top of a train once. He used his belt to strap himself on the top of the train so he wouldn't fall off as he slept. I'm pretty sure you go to jail for that these days.