Saturday, April 26, 2008


(Left)- Two Vultures after being interrupted from their dinner.
(Bottom)- Pivot Sprinkler for a Sod Farm

(Left)- A really elaborate pond dam
I work for a small pest contol company that services a mostly rural area, and this reqiures us to do alot of driving. Some of my family members think that I get paid to "ride around and wave at people", this does happen quite often especially when one of them is riding with me. Although my job has its difficult moments I do get the chance to see lots of beautiful scenery and meet interesting people. I have met pro hockey players, ex- bikers, country preachers and WW2 veterans to name a few. I enjoy my conversations with the people that I meet. The purpose of this blog is to show you some of the things that I see and to tell you about some of the people that I meet. If you have any questions about insect pests I will do what I can to help you.


kareng said...

Hey, how come when I see you at the intersection Judd/401 you don't wave, just keep talking with you truck mates?

83rocketscientist said...

Mike...make sure you check out my can link to it from your wife's blog!

Rachael said...

Are you the guys who always yell "FAT" out the window?

babyarnie said...

Um.... I have tiny black ants in my kitchen. Can you recommend a good exterminator for that?

Carroll said...

YAY! Welcome aboard Mike!